Welcome to ‘Los Cabos’, hope you enjoy your stay!!

After spending several years in California, studying and savouring the fusion flavours of Mexico and the American Southwest, it seemed only fair to bring some of that spicy southern flair to my home town of Whitby; along with my California-native husband and partner!

We hope you enjoy our casual, laid-back atmosphere, tropical specialty cocktails, and all of our freshly prepared sauces and entrees. We strive to offer you top-notch service and quality without breaking the bank. We have menu items catering to vegetarian, vegan, lactose and gluten free diets.

Your meals can be prepared as mild or spicy as you dare and we are always happy to hear your comments and suggestions.

So come out and try ‘Los Cabos’ for dinner 7 days a week, with lunch specials available weekdays and breakfast available on the weekends from 9 am.

We’re sure you will be back for more!!!

                         Owners, Darren and Shelagh Pirkl 

Darren and Shelagh Pirkl